Information for schools (Bishop Auckland)

Who the event is for
The Dash! is County Durham’s primary schools London 2012 legacy event and this year we look forward to our 3rd Olympics that will delivered during August in Tokyo. A new Olympic year and a new city location, we too welcome a new location as we add Bishop Auckland to the Series that includes Durham and Sedgefield.

Bishop Auckland Dash is for Year 3 to Year 6 boys and girls from schools that represent Weardale Valley and Teesdale region.

We invite all families along with friends to spectate and enjoy the atmosphere of this unique school athletics event set within the magnificent open-air theatre that is now recognised by many as spectacular!

The format of the event
Children will have the opportunity to participate in either a 400m running race OR field events. Events that children will be competing will be assigned at school and athletes and their assigned event will be registered prior to the event. It is recommended that intra school practice / qualifying events are set up to help with selection.

The running race will take place around the 400m fibresand oval equestrian, with the start and finish line located in front of the Open-Air Tribune. A maximum of 8 heats with 6-8 children per heat. There will be a maximum of 8 finalists in each age category for the track race.

The field events will consist of Long Jump and Chest Push and each field athlete will take part in both field events. The field events will be a straight final with an individual winner awarded for each separate field event.

Once children have finished their road race or field event, they will be able to continue to watch their friends and school mates compete from the segregated School Zone or try out activities within our local Community Sport Club village, should they wish to do so.

Car Parking
The Park is located at Eleven Arches in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. Please use DL14 7SF postcode for the Sat Nav details.
Car Park A – Blue Eleven Arches, Bishop Auckland DL14 7SF
• Parking for Schools and Families is FREE.
• Parking of vehicle at owners’ risk.
• Easily accessible parking spaces for Blue Badge holders (to be shown & offered to parking stewards) will be handled on the day.

Please Note:
All vehicles are parked at the driver’s risk, event organisers accept no liabilities for loss or damage. Remove all valuables and lock car.

From your parking area you will be directed by signs and or stewards from the car park to the event area.

One you arrive at the event area, we ask that all parents, family and friends keep to the designated viewing areas.

The Park and Access
There are several accessible parking bays at the Eleven Arches Public Parking area. The visitor centre is fully accessible for people with disabilities and the circuit walk is accessible to visitors of all abilities.

The surfaced route is a minimum of two metres wide, generally flat and has no steps. Paths around the park are generally flat and hard surface, there is no need to walk across muddy or uneven ground.

No dogs are allowed onsite unless they are working dogs for the blind or partially sighted.

Eleven Arches / The Park – Safety
We want you to safely enjoy the event, park and its facilities so please take heed of the following:

• ensure children are always supervised
• when walking to and from the event area, please keep to the pathways and observe the Health and Safety notices that are positioned throughout the park.
• do not enter any part of the Park’s lakes or ponds
• use the brakes on strollers, prams or pushchairs when you stop to enjoy the park

The Opening Ceremony
At 4:15 the Opening Ceremony will see children raise the Olympic Flag and Sedgefield SSP Flag prior to our first competitors taking to the track at 4:45pm.

Schools will parade on to the Track [showing of their Olympic / Viking Themed Flag] before they take their seated position within the Tribune school zone.

Main event
Children will be led to the start by staff/volunteers in groups ready for their race. They will have the opportunity to warm up prior to their race near to the start. Year Groups will be called to the start in phases throughout the event.

Children who win their heat will be given a WHITE T-shirt to wear, this is so that they can be identified by staff to ensure they are collected for their final.

The Field events will take place in three time slots;
Y5/6 Field Events (4.30pm – 5.30pm)
Y3/4 Field Events (5.30pm-6.30pm)

Year groups will be called to the field events in that order.

While children are not competing, they can either watch their friends and teammates in the track or field or take part in some additional activities in the Community Club Zone (behind the Tribune). The School Zone area for competitors will be segregated and NO family and or spectators will be allowed in this controlled athlete area.

The Park at Eleven Arches will be providing hot and cold healthy food and refreshments within their food court. These refreshment opportunities will be outside of the participant areas; staff would have to accompany children to and from the food court.
Parents race
It’s not just the kids who run and have fun! We will be looking for all those keen parents out there for our Smooth Radio parents’ race.

Race will be one lap on the fibre sand track, in front of the cheering tribune.

Presentation ceremony
Every child that participates will receive a certificate and those that come in the “Final” top 3 will be awarded with Gold, Silver or Bronze medals that will be presented on the Track and by our Special Guests.

We would encourage all spectators and participants to stay until the end of the ceremony where there will be the opportunity to take photographs and show your appreciation of the super efforts of our competitors.

We respectfully request that during the presentation ceremony athletes and families remain in the tribune to watch the medal ceremony. This is for health & safety reasons to stop overcrowding and give the children plenty of space to see and be seen!

Event Finish
The event will finish at 8:00pm, at this point it is the schoolteachers and or assigned responsible adults who are to oversee the safe departure of the children and or transfer to the parent/guardian.

We would recommend deciding a pre-arranged meeting point for any parents who are just coming to collect children.

Additional information
Children are NOT allowed outside of the segregated School Zone at any point during the event. This is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Once children competing in the road race leave the track, they will be escorted back to the School Zone.

Parents will NOT be allowed in the school zone (segregated tribune) at any time unless they are a designated helper with the school (accreditation wristbands will be issued to schools prior to event) this is just to keep the event safe and the numbers manageable.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to spectate and will be able to see all events clearly from the tribune.

We would encourage all athletes and families to stay for the presentation ceremony. We do realise however that some parents/relatives may need to leave with their child prior to the end. If this is the case, they may collect their child via a designated collection point if this has been pre-arranged with the teacher/responsible adult.

If any parents do wish to pick their children up prior to the end of the event they must do so via the collection point. This point will be stewarded, and children can only be checked out by a school representative if they leave.

There will be a lost child point located at the top of the tribune, near to the PA Control Room within the School Zone

The event will not be cancelled unless we experience severe weather conditions so we would advise that children bring an anorak/waterproof with them. If it is raining heavily children waiting for the track race will be kept as dry as possible and anoraks/coats safely stored, this will be decided by the Event Manager/Sedgefield SSP.