Event Schedule (Durham)

Time Event
4:00pm Access to Beamish Museum Entrance Building
4:10pm School Registration / School Zone on Field Event Area
5:10pm Road Race Get Ready competitors escorted to the Start Line
5:15pm Field Events Get Ready competitors called to position  
5:30/5:40pm Y3 Girls Heats – First Race
5:40/5:50pm Y3 Boys Heats
5:50/6:00pm Y4 Girls Heats
6:00/6:10pm Y4 Boys Heats
6:10/6:20pm Y5 Girls Heats
6:20/6:30pm Y5 Boys Heats
6:30/6:40pm Y6 Girls Heats
6:40/6:50pm Y6 Boys Heats
6:50/7:05pm Smooth Radio Parent Race / Mum’s and Dad’s
7:05/7:15pm Partner Activity / Exhibition Activity
7:15/8:00pm Y3,4,5,6 Road race finals
8:00/8:30pm Warrens Presentation Ceremony