Information for Teachers (Sedgefield)


The event is catering for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 and is open to both boys and girls; you are invited to nominate a school team(s) for the 2017 Sedgefield Dash. We would also like to think that you would also encourage your colleagues and friends to spectate and enjoy the atmosphere of this unique school sports event.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in either a 300m running race OR field events.  Events that children will be competing in need to be assigned prior to the event via the Team Sheet – we suggest intra school practice / qualifying events are set up.

The track race will take place on the 18th century Grand Terrace of Hardwick Park, passing The Gothic Chair and around the Circular Pond before finishing alongside the Lake and Hotel, whilst the field events will take place on the Hotel lawns.

For event timings, see this page.

The track road races will consist of “no more than” 8 heats of 8-10 young people at a time that will run the 300m distance along the Grand Terrace. The Field events, consisting of Long Jump and Chest Push activity in which your selected young athletes will participate in. There will be 6 finalists in each category for the road race; field events will be a straight final with an individual activity winner in the field events. Once children have finished their road race there will be fun competitive and “try it” activities on the Lawn for them to participate in should they wish to do so.

Children need to arrive at the event wearing their T-shirt with their race number attached. If possible please pin/stick the race number below the Sedgefield Dash Logo towards the bottom of the T-shirt. (We realise this might not be possible depending on the size of the child so please use common sense).

Each year group has a different colour T-shirt, this is to help identify them for the race and field events. Do not switch T-shirts between year groups. All t-shirts of the same colour are the same size, we had to do this for cost purposes so it is a one size fits all policy!

The T-shirt colours are as follows:

Year 3: Red
Year 4: Green
Year 5: Blue
Year 6: Purple


Hardwick Country Park and Hardwick Hotel is on the west side of Sedgefield; on the A177 Durham to Stockton road, two and a half miles from A1(M) Junction 60 (well sign-posted).

Parking is available within the Hotel Parking area for those attendees with Sedgefield Dash “Event Day” Car Parking Permits. Schools, School Helpers and Volunteers will be provided with permits, please make an application to Sarah Price at Sedgefield SSP.

In the case of excess parking requests to hotel parking bays we will distribute a fair number of permits for each school to distribute amongst their staff and helpers. This will be communicated in good time so you can allocate in advance of event day.

If any staff or helper is required to park in Hardwick Park Public Parking area the following pay & display charges apply:

  • cars – up to two hours £2.00/full day £3.00
  • coaches and minibuses – all day £9.00
  • motorcycles – free
  • blue badge holders – charges as above

[/toggle][toggle title=”Arrival” open=”no”]You will be directed from the car park to registration, by the Coleman Suite of Hardwick Hall Hotel. The nominated teacher will need to register at the reception desk once all of your team(s) that you are responsible for have arrived. Included with your race pack will be a copy of the Team Sheet that schools will have completed. When everyone is present from your school Team Sheet needs to be handed in at the registration desk – only when this process is completed will your school be registered. Individual children do not register at reception. From there your team will be directed to your school zone on the Lawn of Hardwick Hall Hotel.

Please ensure you arrive at reception no later than 4pm – we cannot wait if anybody is late!

At 4.30pm the first track races begin.  Children will be led to the start by staff/volunteers in groups ready for their race.  They will have the opportunity to warm up prior to their race near to the start.  Year Groups will be called to the start in phases throughout the event.   Children who win their heat will be given a WHITE T-shirt to wear, this is so that they can be identified by staff to ensure they are collected for their final.

The Field events will take place in two time slots;

Y3/4 Field Events (4.30pm – 5.30pm)

Y5/6 Field Events (5.30pm-6.30pm)

Year groups will be called to the field events in those groups.

While children are not competing they have the opportunity to either watch their teammates in the track or field or take part in some additional activities on the Lawn.  The area for competitors will be sectioned off and NO family and or spectators will be allowed in this controlled athletes area.[/toggle][toggle title=”Road Closures” open=”no”]No Road Closures and or Access Restrictions

Hotel Parking is restricted to Dash Permit Holders – see Car Parking Section. As the Sedgefield Dash moves into its second year, we would like to take this time to thank Durham County Council and their Change4Life programme for investing in the event.

Change4Life aims to support and encourage everyone to ‘eat well, move more, live longer.’  These days, ‘modern life’ can mean that we’re a lot less active. With so many opportunities to watch TV or play computer games, and with so much convenience and fast food available, we don’t move about as much, or eat as well as we used to.

Active kids are happy kids. Kids aged 5 to 16 need to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to burn off calories and prevent them storing up excess fat in the body which can lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also keeps their bones healthy and encourages muscle strength and flexibility.

The Durham & Sedgefield Dash, as well as other local and national Change4Life initiatives, will help families across County Durham to move more and eat well.  Keep an eye out for the Change4Life team at the event as they deliver activities to promote healthy, happy lifestyles!

Join the Change4Life movement, like thousands of others across County Durham. Visit for more information.  You could even sign up as a local supporter to receive more great stuff!  For information about the range of opportunities that are available throughout County Durham contact 08000 223 500 or visit

Children are required to bring their own refreshments for the duration of the event, including water.  Hardwick Hall Hotel will be providing hot and cold food and refreshments along with healthy snacks. These refreshment opportunities will be outside of the participant area, therefore staff would have to accompany children to and from the Hotel.

It’s not just the kids who are there to have fun!  We will be looking for all those keen parents out there for our parent race; who can forget last year when the Mayor of Sedgefield Cllr Chris Lines added to his gold medals with the first Dash victory!

Who is up for the challenge?

Mascots from Sedgefield SSP, Durham Police, Durham Fire Department & Taylor Shaw will take part in the Dash Mascot Race… please cheer on your favourite character!

Why not nominate your own school mascot to enter and become a Champion?

Presentation ceremony

Every child that participates will get a certificate and those that come in the Final top 3 will be awarded with a medal. We would encourage all spectators and participants to stay until the end of the ceremony where there will be the opportunity to take photographs and enjoy the atmosphere.

Presentations will made by the Mayor and or Mayoress along with our very kind and enthusiastic Partners; without their support the Dash would not take place!

We respectfully request that during the presentation ceremony parents & spectators remain behind the coned section to watch the ceremony. This is for health & safety reasons to stop overcrowding and give the children plenty of space to see and be seen!

The event will finish at 8:00pm at this point it is the teacher’s/school elected adult’s responsibility to ensure the children get home.

We would recommend deciding a meeting point for any parents who are just coming to collect children.

  • Parents will NOT be allowed in the athlete participation areas (barriered section on Grand Terrace and Hotel Lawn) at any time unless they are a designated helper with the school (accreditation passes will be issued to schools prior to event) this is just to keep the event safe and the numbers manageable.
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to spectate and will be able to see all events clearly from outside of the barriers both along the track race route and on the Hotel Lawn.
  • We would encourage all pupils and parents to stay until the presentation ceremony. We do realise however that some parents/relatives may need to leave with their child prior to the end. If this is the case they may collect their child via a designated collection point as long as this has been cleared with the teacher/responsible adult.
  • Children are NOT allowed outside of the ‘barriered’ participant areas either on the Grand Terrace and or Hotel Lawn at any point during the event. This is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved.
  • Once children competing in the road race leave the track they will not be returning unless they are in a final.
  • The event will not be cancelled unless we experience severe weather conditions so we would advise depending on how the weather is looking that children bring an anorak/waterproof with them. If it is raining heavily children waiting for the track race will be kept as dry as possible and anoraks/coats safely stored, this will be decided by the Event Manager/Sedgefield SSP.
  • There will be a lost children point located on the Hotel Lawn within the Athletes area.

If any parents do wish to pick their children up prior to the end of the event they must do so via the collection point. This point will be stewarded and children can only be checked out by a school representative if they leave.

Document downloads

Download any documents that may be useful, health and safety documents etc.