The Sedgefield Dash is an athletic event giving primary school children the opportunity to compete within Sedgefield’s historic 18th Century Parkland setting of Hardwick Country Park and Hardwick Hall Hotel.

Pupils will compete in either an track running race or field events, they cannot compete in both.

The 300m running races will take place on the Grand Terrace of the Country Park, past the Gothic Chair and around the circular pond before finishing on the east side of the Terrace. The field events of Long Jump and Chest Push will be hosted on the lawns of the Hardwick Hall Hotel.

A school teams will consist of 16 pupils , 2 children in each of the following categories (8 runners and 8 field eventers);

Y3 girls (1 runner and 1 field eventer), Y3 boys, Y4 girls, Y4 boys, Y5 girls, Y5 boys, Y6 girls, Y6 boys.

Event t-shirts for the young athletes will be distributed to each school; they are colour coordinated for each age group to help the staff and volunteers to determine the correct race entrants.

Each school will need one teacher/responsible adult to register the team and ensure that they all leave the event safely.  It is advisable for each school to bring at least 2 responsible adults; one to be based in the controlled athlete’s zone and another has the flexibility to move around the event site i.e. to and from the track with the runners.

In the first instance we will allow entries of up to 2 teams per school, further teams on request.

Please indicate if you would like to bring extra teams.

Entries Open: TBA

Entries Close: TBA

The Venue: Hardwick Country Park and Hardwick Hall Hotel, Sedgefield.

Sat Nav: TS21 2EH

Event Manager: Sarah Price

Registration:  Tue 12th June no later than 4:00 PM

Dash Starts: Tue 12th June at 4:30 PM

Finishes: Tue 12th June at 8:00 PM[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]